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Nathan is the Host at iThemes Training where he teaches WordPress and freelance business development topics via live webinar. He is also the creator of >ADVANCE Coaching. He works with WordPress web developers individually and in groups to help them remove the obstacles preventing them from becoming more successful in their freelance businesses. Nathan has been a freelance web developer since 1995, and is based in Birmingham, Alabama where he is the co-lead organizer of the Birmingham WordPress Meetup and WordCamp Birmingham.

Freelancer’s Workshop 2014

wordcamp birmingham freelancer workshop


Guest post by Nathan Ingram

Somebody has said that the freelancer is someone who is paid by per-hour, per-job or per-haps. If you’re a card-carrying freelancer, you know there’s more than a little truth to that statement.

I’ve been a freelance web developer since 1995 and, although the freelance life has its challenges, I wouldn’t trade it for the world. That’s why I’m thrilled to be leading a Freelance Workshop at this year’s WordCamp Birmingham – and it’s a double session!

When it comes to web design, the only thing I love more than WordPress is teaching people how to find the freedom of freelancing with WordPress. The workshop will be a very informal, very interactive, guided discussion of how to do just that.

During our time Saturday morning, I’ll be pulling elements from two of my more popular talks at “10 Things I Wish I’d Known About Freelancing,” and “The Freelance Ninja’s Guide to Clients.” I’ll be sharing plenty of bone-headed mistakes I’ve made over the years and what I’ve learned so that I (hopefully) don’t make them again. And in the middle of it all, we’ll walk together through a simulated project — from sales, through development to launch and after.

So if you’re a freelancer, consider this my personal invitation to you to come be a part of the discussion. If you’re a seasoned freelancer, come add your two cents. If you’re a total newbie, come learn from the mistakes of others who are a little further up the road than you. And if you’re somewhere in the middle, perfect. You’ll fit right in.

And hey! The Freelancer’s Workshop is first, right out of the gate Saturday morning at 9am. So grab a ticket, get there early, get some coffee and get a seat. There are only five spots left! I look forward to meeting you there!