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WordPress and SEO in 2014

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Guest Post by Mickey Mellen of GreenMellen Media

You often hear people say that “Google changes the rules too often,” and we disagree with that. Google’s rules have changed very little since they first launched in the late 90’s; they are simply getting better at enforcing those rules.

In previous years, tactics such as link farms and reciprocal links could work. Google didn’t like it, but struggled to squelch their effectiveness. In the last few years, Google has become very good at dealing with that kind of spam and rewarding the truly effective sites.

So what does SEO look like now?

Solid SEO really comes down to three areas:

1 – Finding the right keywords.
2 – Make sure Google knows and appreciates what your site has to offer.
3 – Make sure Google knows you’re popular, via inbound links and social mentions.

During our session at WordCamp Birmingham, we’ll work through all three facets of SEO.

When it comes to keywords, Jenny Munn knows her stuff. Keyword research may seem daunting, but it’s a fairly straightforward process that Jenny will walk you through.

From the technical side, simply using WordPress gets you off to a great start. At GreenMellen we work hard to provide highly optimized sites for our clients, and I’ll be sharing those techniques with you to help compliment Jenny’s keyword strategy.

Hope to see you there!

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