Designing for Growth

Presented by Louis Dorman in Designers/Business.

My experience of being Art Director of Mashable from one of the initial employees to a media site with over 30 million monthly impressions.

Designing for WordPress

Presented by David Hickox in Designers/Business.

The great thing about using WordPress as a CMS is that it does so much of the heavy lifting of building accessible, search-engine-friendly websites for us. But that also means that it creates some functionality and features that rarely show up in flat Photoshop renderings. In this talk, I’ll go beyond the page and discuss concepts and techniques for designing websites with WordPress’s content structure and inherent functionality in mind.

Security Isn’t Scary And It Is Not Rocket Science Either

Presented by Michele Butcher in User/Blogger.

Securing your WordPress site should not be difficult or confusing. It can be very painless if you know what you are doing. Security goes a lot farther than not using “password” for your password. Learn the not so scary approach for what to do and what to maybe avoid doing with your website. It is cheaper to learn and utilize best practices than it is to pay to get your site cleaned. Do not be the next hacker attacker victim.

3 sites in 6 weeks? WordPress can do that!

Presented by Allen Moore in Developer.

The case for Parent/Child theming has been discussed at length throughout the WordPress community. Discussion points range from the ability to share styles to sharing functionality. While the Parent/Child theme strategy does not fit every use case, there are times when it makes the most sense and provides the greatest possible experience for the client. In this talk, we will talk about the Parent/Child theme strategy used by the development team at 10up for Harris Publications to launch three sites in six weeks using shared functionality while preparing a scalable framework for future growth.

Temporary Cache Assistance (Transients API)

Presented by Cliff Seal in Developer.

WordPress has a few built-in ways to cache data that enable rapid development. Understanding your options and how to use them properly in your context is crucial to a performant and scalable site. The Transients API provides a powerful and easy way to store data with an expiration, and it comes with a few under-the-hood perks as well.

Join me in looking at the benefits you can gain from understanding and implementing “transients”. When we’re done, you’ll know what this API is, when it should be used, how to use it, and how to scale it. I’ll give real, useful code examples that you can implement immediately—without boring you to death. You’ll be able to do anything from caching data from a external API (like recent tweets) to storing a large, complex query.

We’ll also cover some of the more obscure aspects of this method, like: -Object caching/Memcached -Autoloading -Race Conditions -Expired transient cleanup -Options table bloat

Do yourself and your visitors a favor by utilizing the Transients API. And, as you’ll see in this session, knowing how to use it will make all WordPress’s caching techniques easy to implement.

Building Accessible Websites in WordPress: Best Practices

Presented by Nancy Thanki in Designers/Business.

There are over 20 million blind adults in the United States, approximately 10% of whom use screen readers to access the internet. Likewise, roughly 8% of men and 0.5% of women have some form of color blindness. Many government contracts are beginning to require websites to be accessible and many companies who are not legally required to build accessible websites are starting to do it regardless. What goes into making a website accessible? How can you determine whether or not your website is? This presentation will discuss both tools and techniques that can help you build accessible websites.

Use WordPress and SVG to Create Dynamic Maps and Other Awesome Things

Presented by Kyle Evans in Developer.

See how we replaced color coded territories on a static image of a map with a dynamic SVG map connected with custom post types in WordPress. We’ll also look at other creative applications of SVG to make content more user friendly and manageable.

Challenges of building a successful brand vs. building a successful business

Presented by Reneta Tsankova in User/Blogger.

Imagine you have a great product & a cool theme or a useful plugin or anything else that people like and actually buy. And you make money. Does that mean you are running a successful business? Sure. Does that mean you are building a brand name for your product? Not necessarily. The focus of this talk is to establish a fine line between running a business and running a brand, what it means to build a brand and what are the 4 most basic and important steps you should go through. I will use SiteGround as a case study to demonstrate each aspect of that process.

SEO Workshop: Best Practices for Better Website Traffic and Leads

Presented by Mickey Mellen, Jenny Munn in Workshops.

The foundation of SEO is all about keywords (and a rockin’ WordPress website of course). Come to this session and learn how to get more traffic, leads, and sales for your business by using the language of your customers, as well as some of the essential technical pieces and plugins that you need.

We’ll discuss the latest techniques and best practices regarding search engine optimization these days. We’ll look at some things that have changed over the past year, things that have stayed the same, and what to expect from Google in the coming months.

Basic Information: This workshop will be for 2 hours and is by reservation only. You will be able to reserve your spot as soon as we get it up on the site.

Blogging With WordPress Panel

Presented by Chanda Temple, Karla Archer, Wade Kwon, Williesha Morris in User/Blogger.

If you’ve been considering making the switch from your current blogging platform to WordPress or taking your WordPress blog to the next level, this is the session to attend.

Find out from social media and blogging experts Karla Archer, Wade Kwon and Chanda Temple how they’ve become successful bloggers utilizing WordPress. They will share resources, plugins and other actionable information for attendees.

Blogger and 2013 WordCamp speaker Williesha Morris will be moderating this panel.

Freelancer Workshop

Presented by Nathan Ingram in Workshops.

Important: This 2-hour workshop is for 2 hours is by reservation only. Be sure to reserve your spot on the registration form when you purchase your ticket.

The only thing about web design I love more than WordPress, is showing people how to find freedom by freelancing with WordPress. This workshop will be an intentionally interactive and informal discussion of how to do just that.

I will be incorporating ideas from two of my more popular talks at “10 Things I Wish I’d Known About Freelancing,” and “The Freelance Ninja’s Guide to Clients.” I’ll share mistakes I’ve made over the years and what I’ve learned as a result. And in the middle of it all, I will lead a discussion through a simulated project (from sales, through development to launch and after). Everyone is invited to participate as we work through the project together.

Validating, Sanitizing and Escaping in WordPress Themes and Plugins

Presented by Micah Wood in Developer.

How secure is your WordPress theme or plugin? Are you confident that you have protected yourself, your clients or your users against the most common hacks? Validating, sanitizing and escaping are techniques that are foundational to the security of your website, application or software product. Come learn how WordPress makes it easy for you to secure your code and start writing better code today!

Drive Blog Traffic without Driving Yourself Nuts

Presented by Carrie Rollwagen in User/Blogger.

Developing great content for your blog can feel frustrating if no one’s visiting your site. Social media, scheduling, and direct email can be fantastic tools at bringing more people to your blog — but get-readers-quick schemes and flavor-of-the-month social media platforms can be confusing and ineffective. Learn to choose what’s best for your site and how to use it without feeling overwhelmed.

NONCE Upon a Time in WordPress

Presented by Cal Evans in Developer.

Numbers Used Once (NONCE) are important tools for developers. Many developers however don’t understand what they are or or how to properly use them. In this session we will take the red pill and dive headfirst into the rabbit hole. When we emerge, you’ll know the tools available to you, both built-in and add-ons. Along the way we will stop for tea and discuss Sessions, just because the rabbit hole wasn’t deep enough. Join me for this enchanted journey, learn something new, refresh your knowledge, and groan at the bad jokes and tortured metaphors.

Beginner Workshop

Presented by Kathy Drewien, Alex Stillwagon in Workshops.

We Understand. Learning How to Use WordPress Can Be Tough.

3.0 Hours – Limited Seating

Created for novices, newbies, and beginners, this session answers the question, “How do I build a WordPress site?” Whether you want to create a website for your small business, or you simply want to set up your own blog, this session will provide everything you need to know to get going. It’s easier than you think!

We will create a site on, or work with one you already have. No design or tech skills needed, just a ‘can-do’ attitude.


  • Beginner Workshop Ticket (Free)
  • A Computer (Wifi will be provided)


  • How is Different than
  • Organizing the Content on Your Site
  • Understanding Posts vs. Pages
  • The WordPress Editor
    • Quick Tips
    • Correctly Handle Headings (H tags)
    • Tips for Readability
    • Links
    • Adding Images and Videos
    • Where to find Help
  • What Are Widgets?
  • Finding and Installing a Theme
  • Using Plugins to Make Your Site Walk & Talk
  • Maintaining Your WordPress Site
  • Understanding WordPress Security
  • Taking the Next Step with Your Own URL​

Recommended Morning Sessions for Beginners

If you are having trouble deciding on the which of the morning sessions would be best for a beginner we recommend:

A/B Testing

Presented by Bill Robbins in Designers/Business.

So you’ve managed to get your freelance career up and running at last. Congratulations! Now how do you plan on making a go of it for longer than a couple of years? In this talk, Bill will share what he learned didn’t work in his first career and how those lessons can set you up for a long and happy life as a freelancer (or just about any profession).

Why We Publish

Presented by Brian Krogsgard in User/Blogger.

Why do we publish, and what does it mean? From the designers, to the builders, to the writers, to the site owners: we are all publishers. What is the significance of the WordPress platform, and why do we do what we do? In this talk, I’ll discuss the power of WordPress, and the awesomeness that is publishing with this great tool.

Even You Can Debug

Presented by Brian DiChiara in Developer.

My goal is to break down the process of debugging from a standpoint of any user involved with a WordPress built site/application. It doesn’t matter who you are, there is always something you can do to help resolve a problem or a bug. Some very basic topics to slightly more advanced topics will be discussed.

Sass Basics

Presented by Greg Rickaby in Designers/Business.

A high level, introduction to WordPress theming with Sass. Greg will cover basics such as: Variables/Mixins/Nesting/Inheritance/Compilers and file structure.

It is ALL About Relationships

Presented by Kathryn Lang in User/Blogger.

It is all about relationships – whether you are growing a business, developing a website or creating a social media presence. Relationships make up the foundation of it all. Reaching your goals will require understanding how to grow relationships and create a plan to invest in the steps required to make relationships a priority.

The Super Easy Guide to Video for Content Marketing

Presented by Wade Kwon in User/Blogger.

Video keeps visitors on your site longer and helps people pay attention to your message. So why aren’t we using it more? Wade Kwon shows easy steps to incorporate video into WordPress sites. Learn how you can make your posts and pages compelling through interesting and entertaining clips in just minutes.

Typography & User Experience

Presented by Sara Cannon in Designers/Business.

Type on the web has many roles: it is an interface, a brand, sets tone, and directs the user. Typography has many roles and can either add or take away from User Experience. In this beautiful and exciting talk we’re going to look at various ways type is used, implemented, and dissect the role that it plays in user experience on the web.

Using WordPress to Present a Design in Browser

Presented by Tammy Hart in Designers/Business.

Full Photoshop mockups are out and “In Browser Design”(IBD) is in. But how can I wield the power of WordPress to easily present my design to a client and deliver a foundation to an engineer? In this session, we’ll go over the basics of what IBD is, why we want to use it, and how to use WordPress to make it quick and easy.

Battle of the Front-End Frameworks: Bootstrap vs. Foundation

Presented by Rachel Carden in Developer.

Responsive web design is a must these days but it can be a little tricky to make your design work on all devices and screen sizes, especially if you have to start from scratch each time. Front-end frameworks make it very easy to quickly create responsive, standard-complaint websites by providing a reusable structure (HTML, CSS, JS), with configurable components, that allows you to hit the ground running with minimum effort. And the two most powerful frameworks? Bootstrap and Foundation. Rachel has used both Bootstrap and Foundation with numerous WordPress projects and will not only show you how to get started using these frameworks, but will also present a comparison of these two systems and the differences you’ll face when using them to create a WordPress theme.

Keynote: Don’t Create For WordPress* (*Create With WordPress)

Presented by Jake Goldman in Designers/Business, Developer, User/Blogger, Workshops.

It’s said that visionaries start with the end in mind, and work their way back. If you were designing a home, a basic understanding of the principals of architecture would surely help… but you certainly wouldn’t design for the construction materials and tools. You’d design for the inhabitants: for people.

Same goes for websites. At 10up, we see WordPress as the best medium for our clients to publish and manage content, a flexible tool freeing our designers and strategists to imagine content-centric websites without constraints.

Let’s take a look at the basic architectural principals underneath this publishing platform, and be inspired by WordPress-powered websites designed around an information architecture and user experience, envisioned by designers who never stopped to ask “can WordPress do that?”, built by engineers who said “that’s our problem.”